Norton 2012 Trial Reset 1.7a – reset your trial

Befor use this TR, make sure you have disabled the Norton Product Tamper Protection.

Unless TR will not working.

How to disable Norton Product Tamper Protection:
*. Settings – General – Product Security

*. Turn Off Norton Product Tamper Protection

*. Apply

*. Select the duration: Permanently

*. OK


1. If Norton is installed and [expired], then [Uninstall] Norton. (If Norton is installed but has not expired, then skip to Step 4)

2. Restart your computer and run the NTR and choose [ Purge Norton ]

3. Install Norton. 

4. Disable [ Norton Product Tamper Protection ]

5. if Norton is scanning or updating, then stop it.

6a. Choose [ A. Normal Reset ] to RESET your norton to its default trial days


6b. Choose [ B. Convert to 60/90 days] to CONVERT “N360 v6 to 60 days” or “NAV 2012 to 60 days” or “NIS 2012 to 90 days”

NTR 2012 -Normal Reset- probably also working with Norton 2009/2010/2011 Product


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