Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Android – Article

You probably chose your Android smartphone for many good, strong reasons. You respected that Android smartphones are powerful, versatile devices that allow users to have almost unlimited customization options that iPhone and BlackBerry users just don’t get to enjoy.

More and more people are choosing to get smartphones, and many of these individuals are also choosing Android powered phones. This means more and more people, possibly yourself included, are new to smartphones and the Android operating system.As new users start to get comfortable with their devices, tips and tricks can help them to get settled in with their new phone, and these tips are designed to do just that.

Prolong Battery Life
You will probably come to rely on your smartphone, and you need it to get you through the day. However, many users start to suffer from excessive battery drain and have to plug their smartphone in almost everywhere they go.
Battery drain is annoying, and it is something that can be avoided. You can prolong battery life for you Android powered smartphone by turning of the Bluetooth and GPS services when you are not using them. Additionally, be sure to terminate apps or services that are running even though you aren’t using them.

Back Up
Phones are no longer just phones! Your smartphone is a small computer, and like your PC, it should be backed up. You can do many different things to back up your phone and protect your data, but some solutions are easier than others.
Use Dropbox or another cloud app to upload all of your data for safe keeping. Also, a quick regular sync to your computer can help to ensure your current information and contacts are secure in case of data loss, phone damage, or even theft.

Disable Screen Rotation
A great feature, screen rotation can really be quite helpful, making it a top feature. Unfortunately, screen rotation can also be very annoying; a slight shift in position may cause your screen orientation to shift, flipping the content and making you lose your place.
You don’t have to deal with this; you can lock your phone into an orientation. To stop screen rotation, select “display” from your “settings” menu. You will just need to check or un-check the area that allows or disables auto-rotation. Uncheck the box to lock your device in portrait mode.

Close Apps Manually
Remember that your Android smartphone is actually a small computer. Just like with your PC, sometimes an application can act up and cause trouble. This means that occasionally an app is stuck, and you are unable to close it with ease.
This can be fixed by a visit to your “settings” menu. There you should choose “applications.” From the list that will appear, seek out the problematic app and choose the “force stop” option. Even though a warning will pop up, you should go ahead with the action if you want that frozen app to close.

Clear Your Browser History
You should regularly clear out your browser data. By clearing browser history often, you protect your privacy, maximize available storage, and much more. To clear your browser history, you take similar steps as you would to clear your computer’s browser.
The particular steps taken vary for all browsers, but all will be essentially similar. In the browser’s settings, you should find many options to delete data from history, caches, and more. You can choose to delete it all if you would like, but select delete the options that you would like to clear up some space or keep your browsing private.


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