NetQin Mobile Guard (android)


  • What is it ?

    NetQin Mobile Guard is designed to optimize system performance while minimizing the power consumption, and keeping users in control of the amount of internet usage. The product also features a mobile optimization scan to allow users to have their phones running at optimum speed. Based on the results of this scan, the program then generates a rating of the phone’s optimization status. The package also has application and task managers that allow users to manually get into the system and choose to delete unnecessary items. A power monitor is also available to manage the battery consumption of the respective devices.

  • anti-virus

    Single-key optimization

    A big part of a device lagging is the overdose of applications running on it. This feature allows users to close running applications on the device, improving the speed of your device. It works with the simple press of a button that makes your whole system optimized for better performance by switching off all unnecessary processes that are not in use.

  • Network Monitor

    Tired of getting high phone bills for going over your monthly data limits? Set monthly data usage limits to avoid unexpected high phone bills, with specific quotas, and recharge dates. This feature also shows the currently running applications that have the ability to connect to the internet in the background.

  • Power Monitor

    The Power Monitor allows you to control the battery usage of your device. Using a simple interface showing which parts of the phone are consuming battery life, you can now alter the settings to control the amount of power your device is using. Also available are simple tips on how to efficiently use your battery and keep your battery life strong.

    you can download mobile guard for symbian platfrom also



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