Perfect disk 11 professional

  Perfect disk 11 professional

On a Scale of 1 to 10 ... It's an 11!  Try PerfectDisk 11 Today

Advanced SMARTPlacement™- A Smarter Defrag

PerfectDisk 11’s patented Advanced SMARTPlacement is an intelligent file placement strategy that organizes files according to usage patterns and eliminates most fragmentation before it happens. It also results in faster defragmentation passes, quicker server boots, slower refragmentation, reduced resource consumption and improved overall performance. File, application and directory data can be placed on the drive according to your specific requirements for even faster system performance and file access.

Optimized Boot Files

Experience faster system boot times with our proprietary boot file optimization. Improve boot time by 20% or more.

Full Automatic Defragmentation

Defrag when your system has idle resources and maintain efficiency. Runs when it needs to without continuously using resources.

Selected Files Defragmentation

In a hurry or have a few heavily fragmented files? Only defrag the files that you select.

Robust Free Space Consolidation

Speed up disk writes and slow refragmentation with PerfectDisk’s patented SMARTPlacement optimization strategy and exclusive single-pass free space consolidation that delivers the largest blocks of free space possible.


Easily visualize the contents of a block to quickly identify and eliminate fragmentation.

Space Management Reports 

Quickly and easily analyze space distribution of file and folders.

Reclaim Free Space

Find and delete duplicate, obsolete, temporary or junk files. Graphically see where disk space might be wasted.

Flexible Scheduling

PerfectDisk runs when you want it to – daily, weekly or in screen-saver mode.


  • Improves  disk read and write speed
  • Improves boot times
  • Speeds up application launch times
  • Recaptures wasted disk space
  • Reduces application errors and hangs
  • Prolongs the life of desktops, laptops and netbook
● Advanced professional-level features
● Automatic background defragmentation
● Customizable scheduling options 
● Patented Advanced file placement technology
● Boot time system file defragmentation
● BlockViewer to see contents of each block
● Duplicate file remover and file recycler
● Microsoft Certified for Windows 7
serial : 128-4601404-208012-0407

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