GoblinX (ImagineOS) operating system

GoblinX (ImagineOS)

GoblinX is a Live-CD that is based on the excellent Slackware distribution. GoblinX is directed towards those users who appreciate quality applications and a workspace that is both practical and beautiful.

GoblinX contains some of the most often used and praised applications for Linux. click on the ~Applications~ button to see which ones.

A Live-CD is a completely operational Linux system contained on one bootable CD that can de run from any CD-ROM drive, without requering the installation of anything on your hard drive.


When you want to return to your previous operating system, reboot and simply remove the GoblinX CD from your drive.

Using GoblinX is extremely easy. All you need is a bootable CD-ROM drive and GoblinX distro CD. GoblinX will run on your computer off of the CD using on-the-fly decompression. The first screen that appears after booting will allow you to choose the kernel image and add parameters to the system, a.k.a. “cheat codes”, such as choosing to enable or disable certain “modules”, choosing a non-default password, and/or selecting a screen resolution. However, you could just press “ENTER” at this prompt to initiate the default system settings, as GoblinX will still run perfectly well without needing any additional parameters.


The graphical boot uses a “boot splash”, which not only warmly welcomes you, but displays thumbnails of each of the three available windows managers. If you wish to see the inner workings of the kernel while is booting just press F2, and the boot messages will be displayed instead. At the end of the boot, the user will be logged and he can do all his works or simply enjoy himself.

The Imagineos is an operating system based on the excellent Slackware Linux. It is distribute under the GPL license and free to use and modify as your wishes.

ImagineOS: ftp://ftp.las.ic.unicamp.br/pub/imagineos/imagineos-20101103-K1/Imagineos_en-20101103-i486-K1.iso
GoblinX 3.0: http://www.uoc.lkams.kernel.org/pub/dist/goblinx/GoblinX-3.0/g.Standard-3.0.iso


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